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Tiny free games on a floppy



This page contains my favorite tiny games collection for PC.  Software you can download from this site is shareware and freeware, however can found the very best of a huge list (more than 1000 tiny games).

After download, you don't need to reconnect in order to do anything, just put the file on a floppy and install where you want.

That's tiny free games, so download first and choose before !!!







Sink Sub


The goal of this game is to destroy the hostile mean submarines, and try to stay alive while doing it. At your disposal, you have a minesweeper and the swedish marine's latest weapon, the subsensitive sinkbomb.

Anders Wihlborg

368 K

Home Stretch

The most realistic horse racing and wagering simulation available! Unlike other horse racing programs you may have seen, HOME STRETCH includes almost all the betting options available at the track or at off-track betting operations. You are not limited to one bet per race. Betting options include Win, Place, Show, Quinella, and Exacta bets. The betting odds are very realistic and change based on player bets.

Important: You need to extract that library to your windows/system folder:

Ultimate Software

250 K




Destroy all incoming missiles before they land on your cities.

Peter Siamidis

89 K




Checkers for windows.

Martin Fierz

70 K




Excellent platform game.  You must tag boxes to take points before your rival in a 3D environment.

Just adictive !!!

Jason M. Heim

869 K




Another Pacman for Windows, but in a really tiny version.

C. Caissotti

52 K




The best farm pacman!!! You can choose 3D or 2D graphics.

Wild Tangent

1 Mb




Secrets of Mortal Kombat

    Learn all about secret moves, powers, fatalities, babalities, etc...


Spanish only...

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